Information for Patients - Chaperones

All patients, regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, culture, sexual orientation, or mental status have the right to have their privacy and dignity respected.

When you visit one of our Pioneer Wound Healing and Lymphoedema Centres, you can request a chaperone, either prior to your appointment or on the day.

Our staff have undertaken training as chaperones.

The role of a Chaperone varies considerably depending on the needs of the patient, the healthcare professional and the examination or procedure being carried out. Broadly speaking their role can be considered in any of the following areas:

  • Providing emotional comfort and reassurance to patients
  • To assist with undressing patients
  • To act as an interpreter
  • To provide protection to healthcare professionals against unfounded allegations of improper behaviour
  • In very rare circumstances to protect the clinician against an attack
  • An experienced Chaperone will identify unusual or unacceptable behaviour on the part of the health care professional
  • Provide comfort and support for the patient and protection for the health care practitioner
  • Ensure the patients’ dignity and privacy