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About our Haywards Heath Centre

Our Wound Healing Centre in Haywards Heath is based in The Vale Practice in Bolding Way.

Our opening times are Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday – 0830 - 1500 and Thursday/ Friday - 0830 - 1800.

Our Centre in Haywards Heath treats patients with any type of chronic wound (excluding foot and pressure ulcers) who are registered with a GP in the Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG area. 

"Thank you for everything you have done to put this guy back together. Thanks to you I can now look forward to a fun, action packed summer. What more can I say other than ‘Thanks for being there’ I am sure many have said the same and will in the future."

Patients will be referred to our service via their GP.

We are also able to see patients who wish to be treated privately. Contact us for more information on the private services we can offer.


Pioneer Wound Healing and Lymphoedema Centre
The Vale Practice
Bolding Way
Haywards Heath
RH16 4SY

Phone: 01444 220549
Email: for general enquiries only. Please do not send any patient information to this email address.

Opening hours

Our opening times are Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday – 0830 - 1500 and Thursday/ Friday - 0830 - 1800.

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Conditions we treat in Haywards Heath

Have a look at the conditions we treat and see if we can help you.

Surgical Wounds

When the stitches are removed or the stitches below the skin or adhesives dissolve the wound has usually healed.

Occasionally these wounds might not heal with these methods and may open up following removal of sutures or following an infection. This is...

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Pilonidal Sinus

Surgery is required when an infection develops in this area and it results in a cavity wound which requires frequent dressing. In many cases these wounds are dressed frequently and heal rapidly but in some cases, for a variety of reasons, these wounds...

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

It can be part of a lymphoedema treatment programme; it helps reduce pain and discomfort and can prevent tissue fibrosis.

Our clinicians are qualified to provide full Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT).

MLD is performed directly onto the skin, so you will...

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Leg Ulcers

Leg Ulcers can usually be healed in 12-18 weeks depending on a variety of factors, with appropriate treatment.

Leg Ulcers can develop for a number of reasons and a key part of establishing the most effective treatment is to conduct a full assessment of...

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