Leg Ulcers

Leg Ulcers can usually be healed in 12-18 weeks depending on a variety of factors, with appropriate treatment.

Leg Ulcers can develop for a number of reasons and a key part of establishing the most effective treatment is to conduct a full assessment of the patient with a Leg Ulcer. This assessment allows us to develop an effective treatment plan to achieve healing in the fastest time possible. Assessing and treating patients with leg ulcers is something we specialise in at our Pioneer Wound Healing Centres.

On your first visit to our Centre we will provide you with information related to the type of leg ulcer you have and answer any questions you have. Many leg ulcers require treatment with compression therapy and some of our patients will have previously have tried this. We specialise in providing patients with the correct type of compression that they find most acceptable to wear and to aid healing of the wound.

We believe working in partnership with our patients is vital to achieve the best healing rates and we recently published our work in the Journal of Community Nursing highlighting that this type of partnership can bring outstanding healing rates for patients and their families.    

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