Manual Lymphatic Drainage

It can be part of a lymphoedema treatment programme; it helps reduce pain and discomfort and can prevent tissue fibrosis.

Our clinicians are qualified to provide full Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT).

MLD is performed directly onto the skin, so you will be invited to lie on a couch and to partially undress to enable your clinician to work without any clothing restraints. MLD consists of light, rhythmical and pumping hand movements to stretch and stimulate the lymphatic system to drain more efficiently, the aim being to redirect lymph fluid away from swollen areas toward the healthy lymphatics which are free from swelling. The treatment is not painful; most people find this treatment to be very relaxing and will see results immediately.

MLD is effective for most people but it can take time to re-educate your lymphatic system and maintain the improvement. It is not possible to predict exactly how many treatments you may require, but our clinicians will provide details on an appropriate treatment programme for you. This will also include the use of compression hosiery to maintain and optimise the results achieved.

Currently MLD treatments are only available on a private basis at our Wound Healing and Lymphodema Centres in Eastbourne, Hastings and Horsham.

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